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KONSKIE, POLAND – November 25, 2018: Google My Business logo displayed on smartphone

Google My Business Verification, Management & Support Services for Small Businesses

Google My Business is an important tool to understand how your business performs in the search results, as the vast majority of consumers rely on Google to find a local product or service provider. Advent LocalSEO manages and optimizes your Google My Business page, ensuring qualified local customers find you when they need exactly what you provide through GMB optimization.

Google My Business Delivers an Edge

Understanding listing optimization online can deliver a serious edge over the competition. A big percentage of all searches on Google are consumers searching for services or products with local intent. Not having a Google My Business listing will lead to your business missing out on a substantial number of local consumers searching for services and products that your business offers to your competition.

Verification of Your Google Account

Advent LocalSEO can create your Google account, verify it, and manage it. We provide these services because, more than ever before, small businesses need the ability to have targeted and local visibility, and we ensure you get max exposure through listing optimization. Simply providing one individual digital service will not give your business the best opportunity for success, and Advent LocalSEO combines the most important digital aspects to ensure you’re always seen in the best light.

GMB Optimization for Services & Products

Advent LocalSEO manages, updates, enhances, and optimizes your Google My Business listing, allowing your services and products to be found and in front of more customers looking for what you offer. GMB optimization considers every aspect of your services and products, giving you the best opportunity to increase results.

Proven Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Advent LocalSEO has the technology and knowledge to ensure your small to medium sized business stands out from the crowd. Through local SEO expertise and optimization, we help you gain a competitive edge on the competition by getting your products or services in front of highly qualified customers. For the most comprehensive digital marketing services and strategies that won’t break the bank, choose the Advent LocalSEO team today!

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